san francisco commercial water tank repair

Hidden Commercial Water Tanks in San Francisco – Fire Fighting

Residents of San Francisco and visitors to the city might be surprised by what lies unseen beneath their feet. The clue is some interesting brick or stone circles (or rectangles) found in intersections within the city. Underneath those circles or rectangles are 170 to 200 water cisterns (the number reported isn’t consistent) which function as emergency water cisterns. The reason for the cisterns is found in one word: fire. 

That’s right, fire. San Francisco was hit hard by ravaging fires starting in 1849 and extending into 1850-1851. The fires terrified the citizens and caused extensive damage. In response, the city fathers built subterranean cisterns as a source of water for firefighting. The great San Francisco earthquake of 1906 prompted more and larger cisterns to be constructed. Those old cisterns are different than a commercial fire water tank today. 

How do Fire Protection Water Tanks Work Today 

A commercial water tank for fire protection doesn’t have to be built in the middle of an intersection today. It can be located close to any building or property that has an inadequate water supply for fire protection. These tanks can be used to supply fire sprinkler systems, provide water for firefighting, create a fire perimeter, and fill up firetrucks. The tanks, along with their accompanying pipes and pumps, must be designed to provide adequate water flow and water pressure. 

Other Purposes of Water Tanks 

Water tanks are also used to store water for many other applications including drinking, agricultural irrigation, chemical manufacturing, and food production. Also included are storage tanks for wastewater and stormwater. 

How Can Water Tanks Be Repaired 

Repairing a commercial water tank is generally a better choice, and clearly the less-expensive choice than replacing a tank. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) linings today are used as thick protective coatings for tanks. They are bonded to the tank walls and bottom and can protect against internal corrosion for up to 20 years. When a repair is necessary, strong and enduring Bay Area commercial epoxy liner repairs can be made using FRP epoxy materials to fill any gaps and perforations. FRP linings and repairs are strong. They resist damage from hydraulic pressure and high temperatures and are less expensive than other repair materials. FRP is also moisture tolerant and solvent-free. 

Choose an Experienced Commercial Water Tank Repair Company

Contact Picon FRP, Inc., based in San Pablo, CA, and serving the Bay Area & Northern California.  Picon is a highly regarded manufacturer and maintainer of tanks and tank linings, with an emphasis on fiber reinforced plastic tanks and tank linings. We also do sandblasting and concrete strengthening, coatings, and linings.