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Does Your Domestic Water Tank in San Francisco Need Inspection?

Domestic water tanks in the Bay Area are used to supply water to fire sprinkler systems, so it is important that they always adhere to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements. These tanks often supply thousands of gallons of water to fire suppression systems, and aging domestic water tank in San Francisco and the surrounding areas can cause serious issues if they aren’t properly maintained. Regular water tank repairs in San Francisco will keep these water tanks in good condition, but they must also undergo regular NFPA 25 inspections. Let’s take a look at how often these inspections need to be completed and what they will entail.

Frequency Guidelines for Water Tank Inspections

Most water tank inspections are external,┬ábut internal inspections do need to be performed as well. The frequency of these inspections will depend on factors such as the size of the tanks, how much water they supply to a sprinkler system, and whether the tanks have been treated to be corrosion-resistant. A corrosion-resistant tank typically needs to be inspected every five years, while a tank that isn’t corrosion-resistant should be inspected every three years. External inspections are performed quarterly. These external inspections are to ensure that there aren’t any cracks or open seams that could cause a leak, but it also involves inspecting ladders and catwalks. Naturally, tanks connected to sprinkler systems that are used more often or that have unsupervised air pressure sources need to be inspected more frequently.

Internal water tank inspections are completed using submersible remote-operated vehicles that can navigate the inside of a full water tank. If there is any pitting, corrosion, or other signs of structural damage, the tank is drained and tested thoroughly to ensure that it is still structurally sound. In most cases, water tanks and tank linings can be repaired, although older tanks and liners may need to be replaced.

Let Picon Service Your Water Tank in San Francisco

If you are in need of any water tank repairs in San Francisco or the surrounding area, contact Picon today. We will be happy to make any repairs on your water tanks or tank liners and ensure that they will pass your next NFPA 25 inspection.