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What Can FRP Repairs Be Used For?

Fiberglass-reinforced plastics (FRPs) are composite materials used in commercial and industrial applications. FRPs have been used for many years to repair or reline tanks that hold water or other chemicals, but there are many other uses of this strong and corrosive-resistant material. A coatings contractor in the Bay Area can help you use FRP in your applications and make FRP repairs.

Marine Applications

Traditionally, piles have been made of treated wood. FRP piles are coming to the market because they last up to 70 years and are less stiff than concrete or steel. This means that boats won’t get as beaten up when they run into an FRP pile. An FRP pile is fire-retardant and UV resistant. The pile is sturdy and durable on its own, so it can be hollow, but if weight is required, it can be filled with concrete. FRP is safe for marine wildlife, unlike treated wood. FRP wraps can be added to current piles for extra life.

Petrochemical Industry

FRP is corrosion-resistant, making it an ideal material for chemical tanks. The FRP resin can be manufactured to match specifications for your application. FRP can be used for piping, tanks, and many other vessels, giving you more options for design challenges while remaining affordable. FRP can handle even highly corrosive chemicals.

Concrete Reinforcement

As buildings age, the concrete can deteriorate. FRP wraps are being used to reinforce concrete structures that may be difficult to replace. With proper preparation, the FRP creates strengthening bonds of concrete columns without months of renovations. FRP can be molded into many different shapes and used to fill in cracks so the surface remains its unique look. FRP is lightweight, so it is much cheaper to transport to different sites and easier to work with on taller structures.

Although FRP is traditionally thought of as a liner, it can be used as a coating or wrap in many industries. We custom fabricate many applications of FRP for specific projects to make repairs or a new installation.

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