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Commercial Domestic Water Tanks Are Incredibly Important

While they may seem like an afterthought perched atop a roof, rooftop water tanks serve vital functions: They are a fire-suppression necessity and sometimes serve as a source of drinking water for condominium buildings and other large structures. Those are quite important roles, and maintenance is necessary to make sure water tanks can handle them.

Examples from New York City

Many examples of rooftop fire suppression tanks can be found in New York City, as W. B. King writes for The New York Cooperator. Before the introduction of the elevator in the late 1880s, buildings there were a maximum of six stories tall, but afterward, they began growing taller. As a result of that process, water needed increasing assistance to reach the upper floors of these larger buildings.

That brought about the introduction of roof-mounted water tanks, which provide washing and drinking water and can supply water to standpipes and sprinkler systems as well. Some are also used to deal with stormwater. Along with NYC, these tanks can be found across the country; for instance, there are now Bay Area commercial domestic water tanks on roofs.

Maintenance Needs

Like other water tanks, those on rooftops need regular maintenance to remain safe and able to complete the critical tasks of delivering clean drinking water and water for fire suppression. A tank experiencing a breakdown in either of those areas could pose safety risks to people relying on the tank. To that end, regular inspections are important. Inspections can identify problems such as:

Also keep in mind that a building’s staff may be able to spot obvious problems. According to an expert quoted by King, these problems include large leaks and moss and algae growth outside the tank. Therefore, it may be worthwhile for property managers and building owners to ensure that staff members know what to be on the lookout for.

Additionally, while inspections and a vigilant staff can spot many problems and keep repairs on the minor side, sometimes extensive repairs may be unavoidable. Severe storms, for instance, can cause extensive damage that calls for corresponding repair work. If you’re concerned about the condition of a tank on your property following an extreme weather event, don’t hesitate to contact a professional company for an inspection and consultation.

Regulatory Factors

There are also regulations that may affect maintenance requirements for fire and drinking water tanks. For example, in New York City, two different agencies regulate water tank inspections and cleaning. Tanks there must be cleaned, drained, and inspected on an annual basis. The inspections can help identify needed firewater tank repairs so that they are in good condition should a fire unfortunately spring up. They can also ensure the tanks are delivering clean drinking water.

California Fire Water Tank Repairs and Maintenance

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