When To Use FRP Wraps and Linings

Owners of plastic water tanks will notice that the both tank and ducts experience corrosion and physical wear and tear over the years. This creates a situation where the owner has to schedule replacements and hope that the system doesn’t leak in between. And depending on what tools you have available to you the repair may cost more than the replacement parts themselves.

To either avoid or remedy situations such as these; a layer of FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) can be added as FRP linings or  FRP wraps to your tanks and FRP ducts for physical support and protection against corrosion. This is a material that is lightweight, does not require specialized equipment, and it can be applied in a DIY environment.

Areas next to the ocean with high salinity have air that can damage the paint on your car, the wood on your front door, and of course, the plastic sides on your water tanks. Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic wraps in particular can withstand salt corrosion for many years because of the incredibly tight bonds between the carbons which make up the woven fibers.

Households with pets, visitors and kids of any age will know that accidents happen and a tank sitting in the yard could get hit by anything from a fallen tree to a running dog. PVC and other polymers used in water management systems have a relatively low modulus of elasticity which leads to them shatter on impact. The weaving of FRPS at a molecular structure makes them much less likely to shatter if physically struck, this will reduce the chance of a leak resulting in water loss and replaced parts to restore system functionality.

Understanding fiber reinforced plastic opens you up to an array of useful materials with different properties, some lighter, others more durable, but as a group they are waterproof, easy to apply and can save a lot of money whether used in advance or as a repair.

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