frp linings

Storage tanks handle all types of liquids, from basic H20 to harsh chemicals. They’re designed to last, but even the best products can leak or rust from exposure to the elements or because of age. When a tank needs repairs, you can try to patch it, but those types of repairs may not be permanent. As an alternate to replacing the tank, fiberglass liner repair may be just what you need to get up to 20 more years of use out of the tank.

What Kinds of Tanks Need FRP Linings?

Tank liners are used in every type of tank to create a strong film that prevents contamination and corrosion to the tank. Tank linings come in different materials, from epoxy, which is very flexible and cost-effective to stainless steel linings, which can be more difficult to apply and more expensive. FRP linings are made of fiber-reinforced plastics, easy to apply, and work with many different materials. They’re sturdy but flexible. It’s important to consider all requirements for tank linings for your application to choose the right one.

What Techniques Can Make Tanks Hold UP Better Under Harsher Conditions?

Tank linings can be added with new tanks to reinforce the tank’s natural strength. Adding FRP linings to a tank increases flexural strength to prevent damage during installation. FRP linings can also prevent leakage from tanks as the tank deteriorates over its lifespan. Tank linings can be made thicker to work more effectively. In some cases, a thicker tank lining can reduce shutdowns when a problem does occur.

Certain types of tank linings can be created to have a high resistance to temperature or to work with certain chemicals to reduce corrosion. Some liners are moisture tolerant and free of solvents, making them ideal for water tanks. FRP tank linings have multiple applications, depending on the size of the tank, the fluid stored, and the conditions where the tank is located.

Get New Life in Old Tanks With FRP linings

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