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Tank Linings and Rehabilitation Depends on Tank Location

When selecting a water storage tank and tank linings for your business or residential property, you will need to weigh a variety of factors. One of the most important details is the location of your tank. Specifically, you can choose to have a water tank placed above ground or underneath the ground surface. Aboveground and underground tanks each offer an array of pros and cons, so consider the following before you decide.


While a water tank can be invaluable, it may be considered unsightly to some. In such cases, companies and individuals might opt to place their tanks below ground for aesthetic purposes.

However, others may embrace their tank as a unique aspect of their private property or public land. In these instances, keeping a water tank above the ground is probably more desirable.

Space Availability

If space is an issue, you may want to have your water tank placed under the ground. A tank can even be placed underneath an area that is designated for something else, such as a portable structure that lies above it.

On the other hand, you should be aware that a less accessible tank might require some additional consideration. You or your water tank repair company may need to dig around the tank during maintenance visits.

Maintenance and Tank Inspections

Whether you opt for underground or above-ground equipment, regular maintenance is vital to the life of your water tank. This will help prevent a premature need for tank rehabilitation.

An above-ground tank may require more maintenance than one stored underground. Tanks placed above ground can suffer from extreme weather damage, and they can also be vandalized.

Since an underground tank is typically more protected from weather and vandalism, maintenance and repairs may be less costly. On the other hand, you might be able to do some of the basic repairs yourself if the tank is not underground. Generally though, professional maintenance on water tanks is advisable.

Routine inspections can also promote tank longevity. The earlier that a leak is detected, for example, the more likely that the repair costs can be minimized. In the same way that you might possibly perform some minor repairs to an above-ground tank, you might also inspect one above ground for obvious issues.

An underground tank is not readily accessible, so a professional is necessary for inspections. Although, just as with most water tank repairs, inspections for above-ground tanks are best implemented by a qualified technician anyway.

Water Tank Linings Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs

Ultimately, your unique needs will determine whether you require a tank above or beneath the ground. No matter which option works best for you, be sure to hire experienced pros for installation, inspections, and maintenance, as well as for tank leak repair and other issues.

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