fiberglass tank repairs

FRP for Tank Repairs and Tank Linings

Pipe infrastructure is designed to last a long time, but they weren’t necessarily designed to handle modern water usage. When tanks or pipes need repair, consider fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) to handle tank rehabilitation.

Problems With Pipes and Tanks

Iron pipes were used to lay city water infrastructure 50 to 100 years ago. It is a strong and durable material and cost-effective. No engineers of the past could have even imagined today’s society, so many city infrastructures handle way more water than intended. Even though Californians have reduced their water usage, these pipes are still being overworked, which causes breakdowns. Repairs often need to be made quickly to get water restored to residents. Handling these repairs with the right materials can make all the difference.

What Products Are Best For Pipe and Tank Repairs?

Replacing tanks and pipes with stainless steel or carbon steel tanks and pipes is one option to maintain the integrity of the system. It can take time to dig up old pipes or to remove old tanks to install a new system. It can also be very costly. Some municipalities have turned to resin tank linings, which is a polymer that is applied to the inner surface of the tank or pipe that repairs the problem without heavy equipment or a long repair time frame. If the problem is a water main, FRP can get the system back in order while city engineers examine the deeper problem, which could be laying more infrastructure.

Why Choose FRP to Make Pipe and Tank Repairs

FRP is a common material to make pipe and tank repairs because it doesn’t need a lot of time to cure, it’s cost-effective, and it can be applied to both exterior and interior linings. FRP linings can be applied with portable equipment, making it more accessible in any field or location. The lining can be applied to many different types of surfaces and can be configured to meet the required standards. FRP linings last for decades. They’re corrosion resistant and versatile when applied by experienced technicians. Many businesses in the Northern California area have opted for FRP applied by our experts to maintain their tanks and pipes. Picon is the choice for tank repairs and linings.