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Determining the Best Approach: Water Tank Repairs or Replacement?

Water is vital to our lives. Reportedly, 327 billion gallons of water are used daily in the U.S. Water storage tanks are widely used commercially for purposes that include drinking water, fire suppression, agriculture, food manufacturing, and chemical manufacturing, among many others. Many municipalities utilize commercial water storage tanks to service their water needs.

The city of Lodi, California, has recently initiated a project to replace its water tower with a hilltop water tank after being directed by the EPA to repair or replace the current tower. For other commercial water tank users, when is it wise to undertake water tank repairs versus replacing a tank with a completely new one?

Repair or Replacement. Which is Best?

The decision to make water tank repairs or to replace an existing water storage tank centers on three factors. First, what is the condition of the tank? If there are only minor leaks, it makes sense to reline the tank. If the tank is in poor condition and it is decades old, it may make sense to replace it. Second, if you can’t afford a long disruption of water operations to build a new tank, it makes sense to repair and reline an existing tank. Repair work can be done much faster than constructing a new tank. Third, consider your budget. It is usually less costly to repair a tank than to replace it. When repairs are needed, call the experts for San Francisco water tank repairs.

Why it Makes Sense to Reline Water Storage Tanks

Tank relining is a process that is used to restore a tank’s lining and return the tank to good operating condition. Fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) is often chosen for water tank repairs because it is regarded as incredibly strong and durable. It is a strong, lightweight composite that can be applied for many purposes.Fiberglass tank repair work makes sense because:

  1. Relining a tank with FRP protects against tank corrosion and general wear.
  2. It is bacterially resistant and complies with health and safety requirements for water safety.
  3. It seals all cracks and leaks that aren’t visible to the naked eye.
  4. It is cost-effective.
  5. It can be done quickly, reducing downtime and disruption of water operations.
  6. It reduces maintenance requirements.

Call the Professionals for Commercial Water Tank Repair in San Francisco and Surrounding Areas

Contact Picon FRP, Inc., based in San Pablo, CA, and serving Northern California and the Bay Area for over 30 years. Picon FRP Inc. is an expert field service provider and manufacturer of industrial fiber-reinforced plastic products. Our products provide corrosion, chemical, heat, and abrasion resistance. Our services include tank repairs and custom fabrication.