Bay Area Commercial and Domestic Water Tanks – Fabrication and Repair

Water tanks serve myriad functions, including storing water for fire suppression, holding wastewater, and supplying potable water. All of those functions are critical, so choosing the right fire water tank repairs and fabrication for a property is important. If you’re a project or property manager planning to install a tank, the following questions are useful to keep in mind.

Who’s the Manufacturer?

You’ll need to pick a tank manufacturer who is licensed and permitted to operate in your area. Choosing one who has experience working with clients like you is preferable. While you’re asking about licensing, permitting, and experience, also ask manufacturers how they train their employees.

Who Will Handle Maintenance and Repairs?

If you take care of it, a well-designed tank can last many years. Additionally, it’s important to know ahead of time who is able to repair your tank should something go wrong. Fire-water tank repairs need to be especially expedient for the safety of building occupants. That’s why it can be helpful to set up a relationship with a tank repair and maintenance company from the start.

In many cases, your go-to repair vendor can be the same company that fabricates your tank in the first place. For instance, Picon FRP handles Bay Area water tank repairs, maintenance, and manufacturing alike.

What Are Your Tank’s Functions?

To carry out different functions, tanks need to have different characteristics. As one example, fire-suppression systems need a reservoir big enough to supply sprinklers located throughout a building. Wastewater tanks must meet certain containment standards, and potable water tanks must keep water clean.

Different jurisdictions have different regulations, which is why Bay Area commercial and domestic water tanks need to meet standards that tanks in other areas may not. It behooves project and property managers to work with a local fabricator who knows how to create compliant tanks.

What Materials Will Work Best?

Tanks come in many materials, so you and your manufacturer should be able to find an option that fits your project’s needs and budget. In the past, metal and wood tanks were ubiquitous, but today, fiberglass tanks are rising in popularity. They offer corrosion resistance and general durability, and fiberglass tank repairs can be relatively painless.

Will Your Tank(s) Use a Lining?

Tank linings are a popular choice for many property and project managers. They give tanks an extra layer of impermeability, and they minimize downtime for repairs and replacements, too. Commercial fire water tank linings are a great example, as patching or replacing a lining is usually much faster than performing more extensive repairs or a full tank replacement. Reducing downtime is especially key for tanks that supply fire sprinklers, but it’s important regardless of a tank’s function.

Commercial Fire Water Tank Linings and More

Have more questions? Get in touch with Picon FRP today to start learning what’s possible. We handle everything from Bay Area fiberglass tank repairs to manufacturing.