Should You Consider FRP for Concrete Strengthening

Concrete is a fairly durable material, which is why so many structures are built of concrete. Unfortunately, concrete is vulnerable to deterioration and defects, which need to be addressed. If your commercial water tank in the Bay Area is showing signs of concrete failure, FRP is one choice for concrete strengthening.

Concrete Strengthening and Reasons Concrete Fails

Concrete might be the lion of the urban jungle, but it’s not without its enemies. Concrete can be damaged by many things, including other components that are part of the same structure. One big problem with concrete is that steel rusts. That rust takes up more space than the steel itself, leading to cracking and staining, impacting the strength of the concrete. Here are some other reasons that concrete fails.

  • Disintegration – concrete breaks down into smaller pieces, usually due to chemical exposure, such as chloride or sulphate chemicals.
  • Erosion – concrete surfaces break down due to exposure to water, sand, or gravel flowing against the surface.
  • Cracking – concrete can crack before hardening from settlement of the concrete materials or plastic shrinkage. It can also crack after hardening, from sub-grade settlement, thermal contractions, or drying shrinkage.

Identifying Deteriorating Concrete

The first signs of concrete that is failing are small cracks in the concrete. You may also notice reddish staining, which is a byproduct of the corrosion. It’s time for professional repairs and water tank lining repairs before the concrete develops more problems. When you start to notice concrete fragments detaching from the concrete, you have a serious problem. Once the steel bars inside the concrete are noticeable, you may not be able to make repairs without replacing the concrete.

Fiberglass Tank Repair and Coatings Contractor in the Bay Area

FRP repairs can prevent structural damage to the concrete by combating erosion inside the tank and preventing leaks. FRP liners are heat resistant, versatile, and lightweight. The composite seals tiny holes inside the tank, preventing steel tank bottoms from rusting out. When installed by a professional coatings contractor in the Bay Area, these liners can last up to 20 years with good maintenance. FRP liners can be quickly installed, to avoid long downtimes. FRP tank liners offer longer lifespans for all types of tanks. It’s a good investment into your business.