frp wraps

FRP Wraps & Linings Enable Flexible Repairs

As of March 2012, there were approximately 587,000 underground storage tanks that were used to store petroleum and other hazardous substances. Since these substances cannot be allowed to leak into nearby groundwater, these tanks have been double-walled since 2005. A double-walled tank is similar to double-walled hulls on oil tankers and includes a secondary wall with a space between both walls. If the inner wall is damaged and begins to leak, the substance inside the tank will only fill the space between the walls instead of leaking into the ground where it can contaminate nearby groundwater. The leaked material drains to the centerline of the tank bottom where it can be safely removed by a pump or through other means.

The implementation of double-walled storage tanks obviously makes it much safer to store hazardous materials, but it also has the benefit of making underground tanks easier to repair and rehabilitate without excavation. When a single-walled storage tank would leak, it would need to be completely excavated to be repaired or replaced. When a double-walled tank is damaged, only the inner wall needs to be repaired, which can be done fairly easily with fiber-reinforced plastic, or FRP. With typical FRP repairs, a new FRP coating is added to the damaged inside wall of the tank where it is allowed to cure into a new liner. FRP is highly resistant to corrosion and heat, making it ideal for storing hazardous materials that might otherwise degrade a storage tank wall. This entire process can be completed without excavating and removing the storage tank itself. All that is needed is access to the tank’s inner wall.

Installing FRP Wraps Without Excavation

Double-walled storage tanks have made it easier than ever to make FRP repairs or even install new FRP wraps to underground tanks without full excavations. We at Picon specialize in fiberglass repairs in San Francisco and the surrounding areas, and we will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about underground tank rehabilitation, FRP wraps, FRP-reinforced concrete, and any services that we have to offer. Contact us today for more information.