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Steel Tank Inspections and Tank Repairs

Water or chemical storage tanks come in many forms. Whether you’re installing an above ground tank for storing rainwater or using an underground tank as part of an irrigation system, you can choose steel or fiberglass (FRP) tanks. Here are some things to consider to avoid costly tank repairs on your system.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Tanks

Many industries require stainless steel tanks, so you may only have one choice. Stainless steel tanks have a lot of advantages. They’re super strong, but also lightweight. They’re durable and can stand up to earthquakes, fire, and tornadoes. Steel tanks look great, they’re sustainable, and easy to install. Still, they can be expensive. When you need tank leak repair, you may not want to replace the tank but use a liner that can handle the material you’re storing.

FRP Tanks

FRP tanks are even lighter than steel tanks, which is their biggest benefit. If you have to transport tanks a long distance, FRP tanks weigh about 4 times less than steel. FRP tanks have lower installation costs than steel. While steel tanks may cost less than FRP, the installation costs can exceed the difference. FRP tanks may require more monitoring throughout their lifespan, but they can handle the job when well-maintained. FRP tanks can be custom designed to fit into your application and are chemical-resistant.
Which Material Fits Your Needs?

Finding the right tank that fits into your budget and needs often comes down to looking at the variables and deciding what makes more sense. Consider what material you’ll be storing and where. What type of application, permanent or temporary? You may even need to consider the environment where the tanks will be placed. Many companies will tell you that steel is the standard because it is such a good material, but in some cases, FRP tanks can get the job done more cost-effectively.

Tank Inspections and Water Tank Repairs in San Francisco

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