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Fiberglass tanks are very popular for many commercial applications. Many companies store water and other liquids in these tanks. Although these tanks can last for years, they aren’t immune to damage. Here are some signs that you may need fiberglass liner repair and how to make repairs to your fiberglass water tank.

Regular Inspections To Catch Small Leaks or Damage

Fiberglass tanks can get damaged by an impact from tools or a forklift. The lining can become damaged from chemicals inside the tank. The pipes and nozzles can fail from improper installation or design or just general wear and tear. Inspecting the tank’s exterior, interior and supports can catch signs of deterioration before the leak causes more damage. Most states require FRP tanks to be inspected every 5 years, but an annual inspection is recommended for maintenance purposes.

Signs an FRP Tank Needs Water Tank Repairs

Although a tank can fail for many different reasons, the symptoms tend to be similar. Here are some things to watch for.

  • Exterior damage – corrosion, cracks, pitting, or deformation.
  • Interior damage – blisters, bubbles, scratches, wrinkles, or dry spots.
  • Supports – corrosion or loose fittings.

How To Repair Fiberglass Tanks

Once water tank repairs are required, the solution may depend on the tank’s contents, the extent of the damage and the tank’s size. In most cases, the tank should be drained to its lowest level. If you’re dealing with chemicals, the tank may need to be flushed and cleaned before repairs can take place. All precautions should be met to keep personnel and the environment safe from contamination.

The surface will need to be prepared for tank leak repair. Any rough spots will need to be smoothed out before it can be patched or repaired. The patching material must meet the requirements of the liquid that will be stored in the tank. Once the patch has been put in place, it may need time to dry and cure.

Regular Maintenance Prevents Water Tank Repairs

Repairing small defects to a tank keeps major damage from occurring that can cause a shutdown to operations. Scheduling annual inspections at opportune times prevents unscheduled downtime that could limit your operations. Contact PICON for tank inspection and repair to keep on schedule.