Fiberglass Tank Repair

Making the choice to replace or repair equipment is often a calculated decision that takes many elements into account. While cost is always a consideration for businesses, downtime and safety are also factors that should be reviewed. FRP tanks, AKA Fiberglass Reinforced Tanks, are a common option for the industrial market. If you’re looking at FRP tank repair or replacement, here are some things to remember about maintenance.

FRP Tank Repair – Why Do Fiberglass Tanks Need Repair?

Understanding what causes an FRP tank to fail can help you understand what type of maintenance to perform to maintain the tank’s longevity. FRP tanks can last up to 30 years when they are installed properly and well-maintained. Improper installation can cause an FRP lining to have a void in the finished surface, which leads to leaks and cracks over time. FRP tanks can also be damaged by UV rays. Of course, the chemicals in a tank can also cause the lining to degrade over time. Fortunately, many of these failures can be handled with fiberglass tank repairs, such as relining, or preventative measures, such as a UV-resistant gel coat.

Inspections To Identify Early Problems

Preventative maintenance can help you avoid the decision between replacement and repairs when you can fix small problems before they become larger issues. Here’s what to look for:

  • Crystal buildup
  • Lining discoloration
  • Cracks or leaks
  • Bubbles on the surface of the tank

While your maintenance team can certainly identify problems with FRP tanks, having a professional who specializes in fiberglass tank repairs inspect your tanks annually can give you an edge up in finding small problems.

Fiberglass Tank Repair or Replacement?

Fiberglass tank repair can often make sense, especially in a tank that isn’t very old. Replacement makes more sense in older tanks that are nearing the end of their lifespan. But sometimes, new tanks have more risk in installation and a longer downtime, which can increase the costs more than anticipated. Tank relines can be just as effective as replacing a tank, when the tank itself is still in good condition.

Our experts can help you make the best decision for your company. We have decades of experience in fiberglass tank repair and reline. We offer no-obligations quotes on repairs and replacement to help you choose the option that fits your needs.