fire water tank repair and inspection

Water Tanks Need Attention and Liner Repairs to Prevent Leaks

Water storage tanks are used for the storage of fluids in many industries. One of the critical uses of water storage tanks is in fire protection. Ensuring the efficient operation of fire water storage tanks is critical to the safety of people, animals, structures, and communities. Flawless tank operation calls for regular tank and fire water tank lining inspection actions.

The Applications and Benefits of Fire Water Storage Tanks

A devastating fire can happen anytime and anywhere. Thus, fire water storage tanks are essential elements in fire disaster prevention and recovery. Fire water storage tanks are in common use in warehouses and factories, national parks and forests, construction sites, aircraft hangars, and high-rise buildings. 

Fire water storage tanks offer many benefits. First, they provide excellent protection for emergencies. Second, they are resistant to weather changes. Third, they can be easily integrated into various water protection systems. When fire water storage tanks require repairs, tank linker repairs can be accomplished quickly and reliably. 

Why Do Water Storage Tanks Require Attention

Water storage tanks require regular inspections and attention to prevent problems that could compromise their readiness for any fire emergencies. Problems can include leaks, so it is critical to ensure that a tank has continual structural integrity, including checking the foundation and all its valves and piping. Inspectors check the entire tank for cracks and leaks which can occur due to improper insulation, extreme weather conditions and physical damage, including fire damage. 

Fire Water Tank Repair, Lining Inspection, and Maintenance

Generally, water tank interiors without corrosion protection should be inspected every three years, and tanks with corrosion protection every five years. The exteriors of fire water tanks are to be inspected quarterly.  

Inspectors must check for tank corrosion which can take place due to the presence of chemicals or minerals in the water. They will need to check for sediment and debris buildup in the bottom of the tank, which can cause clogs in the tank’s drain or overflow valve. They will need to check for bacterial growth that can cause health problems if the water is ingested. If tank liner repairs are needed, they can be accomplished by skilled professionals. 

Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) For Fire Water Tank Liners

FRP is an excellent material for fire water tank repair because the FRP material is lightweight, has high strength, offers good corrosion resistance and excellent thermal insulating properties, and FRP linings cost less than replacing existing steel tank bottoms. Additionally, fiberglass liner repair work can be accomplished quickly to minimize tank downtime. 

Call the Experts for Fire Water Tank Repair Work

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