Fire Water Tank Lining Inspection and Repair

Stainless steel tanks are designed to last for decades, but they do have enemies that can weaken their defenses which can render the tanks unusable. Corrosion breaks down steel, which causes the tank to leak. Although preventative and regular maintenance can prevent many problems, being proactive by finding the right applications for your tanks can reduce downtime and extend the life of your tanks. Instead of a major fire water tank repair, you may only need to replace the liner.

What Causes Corrosion in Tanks?

Corrosion is a metallic reaction that occurs when the metal atoms lose electrons from coming into contact with other substances. The surface of the metal begins to oxidize, or break down.

Stainless steel is used in many industrial applications to store water and other chemicals, due to its durability. Water that is impure can cause corrosion, as can other chemicals. Salt water air is damaging to many materials, especially steel. Bleach fumes from an industrial plant can also cause stainless steel to corrode. Small dings or bumps from other equipment or from the elements may breakdown the makeup of stainless steel, again leading to corrosion.

How Fire Tanks Linings Prevent Corrosion

Fire tank linings are one barrier of protection against water or other liquids coming into contact with the steel tank. Tank liner technology has advanced to make this application much more protective by actually bonding with the steel material to prevent corrosion from starting and spreading. Although tank linings may break down over time, usually from 15 to 20 years, tank liner repairs are far less costly and require less downtime than steel tank replacement.

How to Take Care of Fire Water Tank Repair

Protective liners are a solution to corrosion, by extending the life of a tank that has minimal corrosion and by preventing more corrosion from occurring. We recommend an annual fire water tank lining inspection for preventative maintenance and to address small problems before they become major issues. Tank linings can be applied for different materials stored in the tank. Many tank linings offer antibacterial and antifungal properties, which adds to the protection of the tank and its holding. Ask us about different types of tank linings to find the one that fits your project and budget.