tank linings repair

Fire water tanks and chemical tanks are designed to be durable and sturdy, but these industrial elements aren’t invulnerable. Metal tanks need both interior and exterior protection against weather and the liquid inside the tank. If you’re considering tank linings repair, contact the professionals who understand tank linings for all types of chemicals. Learn more about chemical tank linings selection to know that you’re making the right investment for your business.

Protective Barriers For All Types of Chemicals

Before selecting a tank lining, the important thing is to determine what chemical is to be stored inside the tank. Water, a transparent, colorless, odorless (at least as a rule) chemical compound can cause corrosion in some applications. Tank linings serve as a protective barrier to avoid tank deterioration. We recommend an annual fire water tank lining inspection to ensure that the lining is doing its job and not breaking down at the joints. If your tank holds more corrosive chemicals, we have other options.

  • HCL – at max 37% concentration levels, use PG70 as the rubber lining.
  • Diute HCL – concentrations of HCL below 30% require a strong lining that can stand up to the water and the dilute HCL. We use Enduraflex VE611BN 60 has a good lifespan when used as a tank lining.
  • Sulfuric acid – we have different linings, depending on the concentration level of sulfuric acid.

Tank protective barriers can also be applied to the exterior of the tank to protect it against rain, salt or sea water, industrial fumes or smoke and the sun’s UV rays.

Tank Linings Repair

Making chemical or water tank liner repairs is a much quicker process than replacing the tank itself, but you still need to remember to take the right time to apply the liner and let it cure appropriately. When deciding to make repairs or replacement, ask yourself:

  1. How extensive is the problem/failure?
  2. How old are the components?
  3. What time frame is needed to get back to work?
  4. What facilities or resources are required to complete the job?
  5. Which is the more viable option, replacing the rubber lining or replacing the tank?

Professional Fire Water Tank Lining Repairs

Our professionals can help you assess your tank linings to make an informed decision about the next best steps for your situation. Contact us today for assistance!