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Water Tank linersĀ  Using FRP for Tank Repairs & Protection

Steel and concrete tanks have always been used to store potable water and other liquids, which means corrosion has always been an issue. In the past, companies have tried to prevent corrosion and avoid costly water tank repairs by lining tanks with materials such as lead-based paint, vinyl, and coal tar epoxies. These days, most companies use fiberglass-reinforced polymer, or FRP, for their water tank liners. FRP was introduced in the 1950s as a way to repair tank bottoms that had corroded. The material could not only bridge gaps that had formed in the bottoms of tanks, but they provided protection from internal corrosion as well. This made FRP wraps useful in tanks that were being used to contain more caustic chemicals.

When they are applied correctly, FRP wraps can prevent leaks and corrosion for 10 to 20 years. This largely depends on how the storage tanks are used, of course. A tank that is primarily used to store potable water can expect to last up to 20 years with a good FRP lining, while tanks that are used to store more volatile substances might need to be repaired after 10 years. Still, that kind of resistance to corrosion makes FRP a great option for any company that needs to invest in new water tank liners.

Another great benefit of FRP wraps and tank liners is that they are easy to repair and replace. Since FRP is a resin, it can be applied to an existing tank liner with little difficulty. As the resin hardens, it creates a seal that bonds tightly to the storage tank while filling in any gaps that might have formed. This turns most water tank repairs easier and more affordable than they were even a few decades ago and extends the life of almost any storage tank, even those that are normally stored underground.

California Water Tank Liners and FRP Wraps

If your company is in need of new water tank liners, our company can install high-quality FRP wraps and make any repairs to your tanks that might be necessary. Contact us today to find out more about our tank liners and repair services.