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Types of Commercial Firewater Tanks in the Bay Area

Industries, construction sites, hospitals, and other commercial properties are vulnerable to fires unless the proper steps are taken to ensure safety. For this reason, businesses are increasingly looking into the installation of firewater storage tanks in the Bay Area not only as necessary precautions, but also to comply with government regulations. Here are some of the benefits of installing firewater storage tanks and a look at the types of tanks available for commercial properties.

The Urgent Need for Firewater Storage Tanks

Statistics compiled by the National Fire Protection Association show that the cost of fires each year in the United States is around $250 billion. The waste inherent in this figure staggers the imagination. Up to a third of this amount is damage to structures and equipment that could have been prevented if firewater storage tanks had been present. These tanks help to provide initial protection before the arrival of firefighters. They also enable your business to comply with federal, state, and local fire codes and regulatory guidelines concerning fire safety. Water storage tanks help ensure the protection of your employees and customers in the event of fire.

The Benefits of Firewater Storage Tanks

Some businesses are located in remote areas where the municipal water supply is limited. Firewater storage tanks provide a dedicated source of water that is imperative if fire breaks out. These tanks have the ability to feed sprinkler systems for extended periods, decreasing the risk of a water shortage at these crucial times. The added protection of firewater storage tanks can also cut your insurance rates and decrease your risk of financial liability as a result of fire and other emergency situations. To lighten the load on existing infrastructure, you can also use the water in storage tanks for landscape irrigation.

Types of Firewater Storage Tanks

Depending on the needs of your commercial facilities, there are a number of types of firewater storage tanks and tank linings from which to choose. For instance, corrugated steel tanks are highly rated and meet the strictest NFPA requirements. Application of the proper tank linings also make the stored water potable. Poly water tanks are more lightweight plastic alternatives made out of polyethylene resin. Fiberglass tanks are known for their strength, resistance to corrosion, and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Welded steel tanks are also securely braced in place and last for a long time. Alternatively, flexible pillow tanks hold a large amount of water, can be hooked up to building sprinkler systems, but are collapsible and can be moved from place to place if necessary.

Remember that when you invest in firewater storage tanks, be sure to schedule periodic firewater tank inspection and see to necessary firewater tank repairs to be sure that your systems continue to provide maximum protection.

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